Guide to Exercise Bicycles for Knee Rehabilitation


One of the more reliable ways to get a good cardio workout or rehab a knee injury is to use an exercise bicycle. This provides an excellent cardio workout. It is the industry leading product for burning calories and fat. These bicycle work all lower body muscles as well as upper body to some degree.

Exercise bike can be sued for more than one purpose, unlike some other products in the fitness industry. It is also a great way to rehabilitate an injury to the lower body without putting a lot of pressure on that injured joint. With the proper resistance settings, these bicycles can be of great help in the rehabilitation process of a knee injury.

Personal trainers and physical therapists have recommended these bicycles for years for clients or patients suffering from joint damage, after surgery rehab, or just in need of a good workout. They are known to have low-impact and your knee joints do not get a lot of pressure. Your body weight is dispersed evenly if you are in a sitting position and this result in pressure taken off the joint. This is the reason why they are great for therapy.

People suffering from arthritis and use this machine regularly have less pain and more joint flexibility. Using these bicycles help to promote blood circulation in the injured joint, thus reducing inflammation resulting in better mobility. Operating the bicycle using small upper body movements does not put strain on the lower joints. With the availability and convenience of a home exercise bicycle, you can workout or rehabilitate a stiff knee injury in the comforts of your own home without the distraction s of a fitness center.

The three types of fitness bicycles are the recumbent, the upright, and the spin exercise bicycles. Their prices vary with the quality. You get more features with the higher end bicycles. The one thing to remember is that results in what is important. Choose your bicycle according to your specific need because you don't want to cause further damage to an injury. Before starting on your rehabilitation plan, consult with your physician first. With better knowledge and understanding, you should take into consideration that an exercise bicycle will definitely be the best machine for your knee rehabilitation . It would just take around fifteen to twenty minutes a day and this will definitely work tremendously.

Exercise bicycles help you live a healthier life and for those who are suffering from knee injuries, they are the perfect machine for your knee rehabilitation. For further details regarding bicycle knee rehabilitation, check out .